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New Galilee, Pennsylvania

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Chuck Verrett

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IMG is a strategy-based firm that works with entrepreneurial-thinking clients. We offer more than only advertising and marketing strategies which reflect the philosophy of ‘how are we going to make money at this?’ approach to every clients’ business relationship. For over 25 years, we worked with some of the best known business minds in the nation, formulating and helping to steer their businesses into success.

Top-Down thinking: We think like we are the owners of your company (or stockholders in some cases) and our high-altitude approach resinates with Business Owners, CEO’s, Chief Revenue Officers and CMO’s who have like minded thinking. After all, a solution only matters if it works.

They say “you can tell the man by the company that he keeps.” In our case, we call that ‘name dropping,’ and at IMG we had the privilege of working and strategizing to develop campaigns with some of the country’s best known entrepreneurs, check out our website to see what we've done with some of them.