A letter from the Executive Director of MCAN:

Welcome to the MCAN website. There are a bunch of Ad Agency networks out there, but this one is different. The thing that sets MCAN apart from the other networks is the members themselves. In my over 50 years in the business, I have never see a group of people more open to sharing than this one. They help each other with problems and new business. No member problem goes unattended. In the very competitive world of advertising, having someone to ask and answer questions readily is almost impossible. Not so with MCAN. Most agency networks have meetings with interesting speakers. This group goes considerably beyond that, sharing things that work and things that don’t work in everyday business. I invite you to sit in on a MCAN meeting with our compliments. Check the meeting schedule to find one close to you. Hope to meet you at a meeting soon.

Dave Wilson
Executive Director, MCAN

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