LePoidevin Marketing

LePoidevin Marketing LePoidevin Marketing

Agency Name: LePoidevin Marketing

Agency Website: www.LePoidevinMarketing.com

Agency Positioning Statement:
A full-service strategic marketing, advertising, public relations and digital agency serving the business-to-business marketer.  Our clients are leaders in the animal health, medical, material handling, construction, mining, pest control, turf and ornamental, and professional tool industries.  We provide marketing and brand planning, market research, creative concepting and execution, media and public relations, Web marketing, social media, direct marketing and sales promotion services.

Agency Principal: Dean LePoidevin

Dean LePoidevin of LePoidevin MarketingBio: Dean has spent his entire career in media and marketing, starting with several years as a production manager and director for an NBC affiliate in South Dakota.  In addition to work at a leading video and audio production facility, he has experience in both small and large agencies as a copy writer, producer, account executive and department lead.  On the client side, he rose from manager of an in-house agency to VP of Marketing for an industry-leading automotive manufacturing company.  His most recent position was Group Supervisor / Direct Marketing for one of the top five leading B2B agencies in the US.  Since 1997, Dean has grown and led the creative and account service talent at his own firm, located in Brookfield, WI.